Face to face support

Support groups

A support group may not suit everyone’s needs but for some people,meeting with others who are living through the same situation is helpful. For others who have lived through this situation and are putting their lives back together, helping people who have just started the journey is a way of giving back.

Our most regular meet ups are in London, but we have members in many parts of the country who meet over coffee (or a beer) to share and support, in twos and threes.

Meetings are held in a quiet corner of a public place, a bar, restaurant or hotel.

London SPA

The SPA support group for London and the South-east first met in December 2011 and meets roughly once a month.  The meetings are friendly, informal, and everyone gets the chance to share as much, or as little, as they feel comfortable.

The members keep in regular contact online but there’s no pressure to do this if you’d rather not. It is empowering to find and support one another and some of the members have found they’ve been able to strengthen themselves in other unexpected ways.

Individual support

Many members have benefitted from individual support. You can find out more about this on our counselling page (coming soon).