About us

Straight Partners Anonymous (SPA) is based in the United Kingdom and was first created in December 2008, changing to its current form in 2011. The group is described as being anonymous because members may share as much, or as little of their identity or personal circumstances as they wish. We recognise this can be a very sensitive matter for many people.

SPA’s purpose is to bring together in mutual support women and men whose relationship with their gay, lesbian, or bisexual partner is in crisis. The nature of the crisis can vary; perhaps the gay or lesbian partner has just come out, or it may be that they feel unable to come out of the closet.

SPA exists to support the straight partner through what can be a traumatic time. (There are various other resources and groups specifically available for newly out LGBT people.) We do not tolerate homophobia in the group. Our bywords are confidentiality, positivity and mutual respect.


If you feel you can benefit from SPA’s support, please see our contact page to get in touch.

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