Privacy and confidentiality

We understand that confidentiality is important in this situation. That is why we take your data information seriously. When you contact SPA by email or through the contact form, it can be read by our small admin team, who will respond to you by email (or telephone). Initially this will be done through a SPA email address, but if you subsequently contact a team member by direct email that is considered to be outside of this sites GDPR protection.

Who we are: Straight Partners Anonymous (SPA) is a U.K. based peer support organisation for heterosexual individuals individuals who currently are, or who have been in a relationship with an LGBT partner. It is co-ordinated by volunteer members.

Peer support means that support comes from other people who are in a similar situation (or have been). In other words, we understand and empathise.

Information use: The information that you give to us is used in order for us to contact you directly to discuss your situation, to offer support and advice.

Sharing: We do not sell or pass on your contact information to any third party.

The only exception is in the case of danger to yourself or others. Should you indicate an immediate suicide risk or of a threat of harm (to yourself or another) we reserve the right to contact the appropriate authorities in response to this in order to offer help and/or protection.

SPA is a U.K. based organisation. If you are from elsewhere in the world you are still welcome to contact us, but if you are U.S. based we recommend that you access (The Straight Spouse network) for more local assistance.