You are not alone.


Straight Partners Anonymous (SPA) is for straight (heterosexual) people who discover that their partner is lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans (LGBT), and who need help in coping with this discovery and support in their decision about what to do next.

We are sorry that you are here. We are sorry because the fact that you are here probably means that you are in some level of distress. Perhaps that is a huge understatement, or maybe you are just looking for information.

Either way, we are here to support you.

SPA is based in the UK and was set

up in December 2008. It’s anonymous because members may share as

much, or as little, of their identity or personal circumstances as they wish.

SPA’s purpose is to bring together straight people whose relationship with

their gay, lesbian, or bisexual partner is in crisis. The nature of the crisis can be

variable: perhaps the gay or lesbian partner has just come out, or perhaps

they are unable to come out of the closet. We exist to support and help

each other, not to bash gay, lesbian or bisexual people. Our bywords are

confidentiality, privacy, and respect.

SPA is a volunteer support organisation – so we don’t have a fully manned 24/7 response. If you are in crisis right now and feel suicidal, phone the samaritans (uk) on: 116 123. Then click here to get in touch. ¬†We WILL reply.

If you are the LGBT partner in this relationship, please pass on this web address to your straight partner. We are here to support them. However you may find our perspective useful so please feel free to browse through the website.